House manual

We are doing our best to make sure you enjoy your stay in our chalet as much as possible. To make that possible, we ask our visitors to respect a few rules so the visitors after you enjoy the chalet just as much as you did.
  • Smoking


  • Check-in and check-out hours

    The check-in time is 4PM and the checkout time is 11AM.

    These hours must be respected if other guests arrive or leave immediately before or after your group.

    If there are no other guests coming immediately before or after your stay, late checkout or early check-in is possible, but must be planned in advance for the cleaning service to be notified.

    Please respect this so the cleaning service can do their job properly.

  • Accessing the chalet

    Access to the chalet is done by "self check-in", i.e. instructions will be given to you so you can get inside the chalet by yourself.

    The main door of the chalet is equiped with a digital lock.

    To unlock the door, you must enter the code on the numeric pad and then turn the deadbolt to the right.

    To lock the door, you must press the Schlage button, then turn the lock to the left, and then wait until you can hear the deadbolt lock itself (less than 5 seconds).

    A tutorial from the lock's manufacturer is available on Youtube.

  • Pets

    Pets are allowed in the chalet.

    Please notify us if you bring pets with you, and please make sure they do not cause damage to the chalet or the furniture during your stay.

  • Internet

    Wireless internet access is provided in the chalet. This is not an unlimited bandwidth connection, but bandwidth is sufficient for a normal day to day use of youtube and netflix.

    Please note that fees may apply if an excessive amount of data is transfered during your stay (bittorrent. etc.).

    If during our stay you cannot connect your devices to the WIFI, it's possible the WIFI router might need to be restarted. Since you don't have direct access to the router, the way to restart it by resetting the breaker of the electrical circuit to which it is plugged. You will find the electrical board containing the breakers in the living room, just to the right of the large window.

  • Cleaning before check-out

    Before checking out of the chalet, please leave it in the same state of cleanliness as it was when you arrived.

    The floors should have been broomed, the carpets in the entrance should have been vacuumed, the counter tops cleaned up, all furniture and objects put back in their initial place, the dishwasher should be empty and the dishes cleaned and put back in place.

    If you have used the wood stove of the living room or the antique stove of the kitchen, by courtesy for the following guests, please empty the ashes from them.

  • Cleaning before check-out

    Before checking out of the chalet, please leave it in the same state of cleanliness as it was when you arrived.

    The floors should have been broomed, the carpets in the entrance should have been vacuumed, the counter tops cleaned up, all furniture and objects put back in their initial place, the dishwasher should be empty and the dishes cleaned and put back in place.

  • Trashes and recycling

    Please empty trashes and recycle bins in the corresponding bins located outside of the chalet:

    • A large green bin is located outside for recycling.
    • Two large black bins are located outside for trashes.

    If you have booked the cottage for a long stay and some of the bins become full before your check-out, you may want to leave them by the side of the road for trash pickup.

    Consult the website Saint-Adolphe-d'Howard municipality (available in French only) to have a look of the trash and recycling pickup schedule.

    When checking out, if the trash bin is too full to put in your trashes, please DO NOT leave the trash bags outside by the bins, else animals will come and scatter trashes all over the place. In that case, please leave the bags inside the chalet near the entrance and the cleaning service will take care of disposing them.

  • Bedsheets and towels

    The cleaning service will take care of washing up to 4 sets of bedsheets and 8 towels and will highly appreciate if you took the initiative to do the first cycle.

    If you have used more than 4 sets of bedsheets and/or more than 8 towels, please wash extra pieces before leaving else the cleaning service will not have enough time to complete all laundry cycles before the arrival of the group after you.

    If you use the laundry machines, please also be careful of not overloading them.

  • Heating, lighting and windows

    Before checking out of the cottage, please make the following verifications:

    • Verify that all windows are properly closed.
    • Verify that all lights are properly shut.
    • Verify the oven and the elements of the stove are also shut.
    • If you have used portable headers in some rooms, make sure they are unplugged and put back in their closet.
  • Toilet paper, facial tissues and cleaning products

    Some basic articles are provided to you for your convenience in the cottage on your arrival. If you are a large group or if your stay lasts several days, you might consider bringing more.

    • You will find a a box of facial tissues in the kitchen.
    • You will find at least two rolls of toilet paper in each bathroom.
    • You will find bottles of hand cleaning soap by the sink in the kitchen and each bathroom.
    • You will find in the laundry room some laundry detergent so you can wash bedsheets and towels if needed.
    • You will find dishwashing liquid and dishwashing capsuales for the dishwashing machine under the sink in the kitchen.
    • Dish towels, towels for drying your hands and washclothes are also provided.
  • Food and condiments

    You should be able to find all basic condiments such as salt, pepper and other spices in the pantry. However, please note the inventory of condiments remaining is never done between rentals and it's possible such condiments might be lacking on your arrival.

    If you want to take a chance by not bringing your own condiments, you will easily be able to get some a few minutes ride from the cottage at the marché Saint-Adolphe or at the convenience store of the Ultramar.

  • Firewood, tinder and paper

    Firewood is provided and included in the rental. However, we do not check the inventory of tinder and paper you might need to start a fire. It would then be safer to bring some with you or to go buy some in Saint-Adolphe if you can't find any in the cottage (you will find tinder wood at Ultramar or at BMR).

    For maximum comfort in the cottage during cold weather, we strongly recommend you use the slow combustion stove located in the living room. To better understand how to use the stove, we invite you to read the stove's user manual.

    You may also use the antique stove located in the kitchen to heat the cottage even more, if you want.


  • Barbecue and propane

    In summertime (from April 1st to October 31st), a barbecue is at your disposal for cooking your meals and the propane is included.

    Outside of the summer season, we do not ensure the availability of the barbecue, nor the presence of propane for its use. But you are free to use it anyways if it is available and has some gaz in its tank.

    If you notice the propane tank is empty, DO NOT BRING IT to a retailer for exchange with a full tank. PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST.

  • Television, Netflix, Chromecast

    There is a television in the cottage, but please take note it's not connected to cable TV. You can however connect your own devices to it using a HDMI cable, if you want.

    You are also free to use the Google Chromecast device connected to the television to play Youtube videos or Netfliex videos on it.

    Take note we do not provide access to Netflix. You must use your own Netflix account.

  • Avoiding extra charges

    A cleaning service takes care of inspecting and cleaning the cottage. They might claim extra cleaning fees if :

    • The chalet is left below an acceptable level of cleanliness, so much that cleaning service must spend more time than normal for cleaning.
    • They must complete more cycles of laundry due to an excessive use of bedsheets and/or towels (4 sets of bedsheets and 8 towels maximum).
    • Bed sheets or towels are damaged or missing. $50 will be claimed for each set of bed sheets that is missing, damaged or incomplete. $25 will be claimed for each towel that is missing or damaged.
    • Trashes have been put outside but not been properly disposed in the bins, resulting in animals coming to eat and scatter them.
    • Dishes or utensils are missing or damaged but were not replaced.